Have a lash at

Have a lash at

Dictionary of Australian slang . 2013.

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  • lash — I. /læʃ / (say lash) noun 1. the flexible part of a whip; the piece of cord or the like forming the extremity of a whip. 2. a swift stroke or blow, with a whip, etc., as a punishment: sentenced to fifty lashes. 3. a sharp stroke given to the… …  

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  • lash — 1 verb 1 TIE (transitive always + adv/prep) to tie something tightly to something else with a rope, or tie two things together: lash sth to/onto etc: The oars were lashed to the sides of the boat. 2 WIND/RAIN ETC (intransitive always + adv/prep,… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • lash — I. n Australian 1. a rampage, bout of wild behaviour to go on a lash/have a bit of a lash 2. an attempt, try. A variant of bash as in have a bash (at) . II. vb to have sex. A term used by young street gang members in London since around 2000. III …   Contemporary slang

  • lash — 01. Her beautiful long [lashes], and her startling blue eyes drive men crazy. 02. I got a [lash] in my eye, and couldn t see. 03. In the story The Odyssey , Ulysses had his men [lash] him to the mast of his ship so that he could listen to the… …   Grammatical examples in English

  • lash out — 1) the president lashed out at the opposition Syn: criticize, attack, disparage, condemn, run down; informal lay into, dis; Brit.; informal slag off, have a go at 2) Norman lashed out with a knife Syn: hi …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

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